VEDO S2 WiFi Alarm Set – Office/Shop lot


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If someone tries to break in,your Base
VedoS2 get a Remind u alert on your
 phone. Then sounds a loud 110dB siren


It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can place it anywhere you like. We recommend by the front door.


We use the entry sensors to guard the
front and back door, plus two large and
easily accessed first-floor windows.


We use the motion sensors to cover two
main rooms. That way, no matter where
an intruder enters, the sensors will detect
them as they try to pass through.


Really loud. As in, front row at Metallica
loud. As in, intruders won’t stick around
loud. And it even works outside so
you can alert the whole block.


Put it on the wall next to
your bed so it’s easily
accessible late at night.


Put it near your water heater or
washing machine to get alerted to
potential leaks and floods.


This smoke detector senses before
a full-blown fire breaks out. It sounds a full
system alarm, and with monitoring, we’ll
call you and dispatch the fire department.

Professional Monitoring

It’s like having a personal security guard in front of your house. Our specialists watch over your home day and night, ready to alert the authorities when you need help.

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  • No contracts

Open box.
Start Protecting.

Anyone can set up Onvia in just a
few minutes. No drilling. No tools. Just
plug in the Base Station, place your
sensors, and start protecting your home..

not pets.

Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We
precision-engineered our motion
sensors to detect the unique heat
signature of humans. Not pets.

Q: In the network process, the progress bar is always not 100%, add failure?

A: This camera only supports 2.4GHz wifi router, please make sure you are using a 2.4GHz wifi router.And confirm the wifi password again.

Q: Repeated additions are failures?

A: After adding a failure, it is recommended to restart the device or power off, and then try to add again.

Q: The device cannot be previewed properly?

A: Check whether the network is normal, you can place the camera close to the router, and ifnot, it is recommended to reset the device and add it again.

Q: Why is it still in the list of devices after reseting?

A: The reset device only resets the network configuration of the camera, but cannot change the configuration on the App, remove the camera, and must be deleted by the App.

Q: How to cut the camera network to another router?

A: First remove and reset the device on the App and then configure the device again by the App.

Q: Why doesn't the device identify the SD card?

A: It is recommended to plug in SD card after power cut. Confirm whether the SD card is normally available and the format is FAT32. And the TF card can’t be identified when the internet environment is not good.

Q: Why I can’t get the notifications with my cell phone App?

A: Please confirm that the App has been running on the phone, and the relevant reminder function has been opened; Message notification and authority confirmation in the mobile phone system have been opened.