Video Doorbell


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Your new Video Doorbell is the start of a Security around your entire property. Now, you’ll always be connected to your home, so you can watch over your property and answer the door from anywhere. See who’s at your door, prevent crime and protect your home – all from your phone, tablet or PC


Say hello, even when you can’t.

HD Talk and Listen reduces ambient noise so visitors come through loud and clear. And when you can’t answer, quick responses let you reply to visitors with different prerecorded messages.

  • HD Talk and Listen

  • Noise and echo cancellation

  • Prerecorded messages

If there’s anything missing, please return to your purchasing place.

Power Port

DC 5V 10%, use the screws to fix the power converter

Doorbell button

Press the button to activate the doorbell

Status light

  • Red light solid on: the camera network is abnormal
  • Red light blinking: awaiting WiFi connection, or currently connecting (faster blinking)
  • Blue light solid on: camera running correctly


Captures sound for your video

SD card slot

Supports local SD Card storage (Max. 128G)

Reset 1

Press and hold on for 5 seconds with pin to reset the
doorbell (unable to unbind the bell from account)

Q: In the network process, the progress bar is always not 100%, add failure?

A: This camera only supports 2.4GHz wifi router, please make sure you are using a 2.4GHz wifi router.And confirm the wifi password again.

Q: Repeated additions are failures?

A: After adding a failure, it is recommended to restart the device or power off, and then try to add again.

Q: The device cannot be previewed properly?

A: Check whether the network is normal, you can place the camera close to the router, and ifnot, it is recommended to reset the device and add it again.

Q: Why is it still in the list of devices after reseting?

A: The reset device only resets the network configuration of the camera, but cannot change the configuration on the App, remove the camera, and must be deleted by the App.

Q: How to cut the camera network to another router?

A: First remove and reset the device on the App and then configure the device again by the App.

Q: Why doesn't the device identify the SD card?

A: It is recommended to plug in SD card after power cut. Confirm whether the SD card is normally available and the format is FAT32. And the TF card can’t be identified when the internet environment is not good.

Q: Why I can’t get the notifications with my cell phone App?

A: Please confirm that the App has been running on the phone, and the relevant reminder function has been opened; Message notification and authority confirmation in the mobile phone system have been opened.

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